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Green Energy Projects in Greece
21 Mar 2018


All the projects have obtained required state licenses.



Project 1

22MW Renewable Energy Station


The Cogeneration of Heat and Electricity with total capacity of 22 megawatts will be established on the island of Rhodes, located in Southern Greece. The project has acquired €7 million, which is part of the €18-million green energy investment initiative. This electricity plant will be the first of its kind in Greece, and it will encourage the start of green energy initiatives in other Greek regions.


Project 2

275MW Solar Cell Power Station


Solar power plants that are expected to generate a total of 275 megawatts will be constructed and operated in Greece. One of the major Chinese banks has already  approved a long-term loan guaranteed by SINOSURE and EPC (China) for it.


Please download  Cogeneration of Heat and Electricity of 22 MWel & 45 Photovoltaic Parks to learn more about the projects.