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Expansion of Beirut Rafik Hariri International Airport in Lebanon
14 Jun 2018

Government of Lebanon intends to expand its sole operational commercial airport in Lebanon, the Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport(BEHIA) on a PPP basis.


The key project components are as follows:

  • The development of a new terminal for 6,000,000 passengers and its concourse;
  • Some improvements to existing airport infrastructure (the airports, taxiways etc.);
  • Some improvemrnts to the access roads;
  • Develop non-aeronautical revenues for the financial sustainability of the project;
  • Dar AL Handasah Concultants (Shair & Partners) completed the Airport Master plan and are currently working on the traffic impact study.


Objectives and expected impact

  • Cope with the traffic growth as BRHIA traffic has exceeded its planned capacity;
  • Improve the quality of service;
  • Free government budgets for other sectors;
  • Introduce new revenue streams for Gol;
  • Contribute to the increase in exports;
  • Create jobs.


Project location

  • BRHIA is located in Khaldeh at approximately 9km south of the capital city Beirut;
  • Creat jobs.


Expected role of the government

  • Provide good governance and undertake a transparent tendering process;
  • Include enough non-aeronautical activities to make the project profitable for the private sector;
  • Attract funding from multilateral financial institutions.


Expected role of the private partner

Expected Role of the Private Partner

  • Finance, build,operate and maintain the new terminal.(Operation and maintenance may apply to the entire airport, depending on final deal structure);
  • Introduce operational efficiencies.


Project location

  • BRHIA ia located in Khaldeh at approximately 9km south of the capital city Beirut;
  • The airport land is owned by the Gol and can accommodate two additional terminals. The current project is for a new terminal to be built on the west side of the existing terminal.


Project timeline

  • Due diligence completed – December 2018;
  • Launching the tendering process – December 2019;
  • Contract Award – June 2020.


Expected capex (USD)

The total expected investments needed for the expansion of the airport including the terminal and the necessary infrastructure improvements are estimated at about USD 500MM.


Cooperation & Development Department,SRCIC