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Construction of a Sports Leisure Complex in Russia
14 Jun 2018



Architecture construction;

The project is implemented with the full support of the Governor of Leningrad region and included in the perspective plan of development of the region.


General situation

Description: The project is in Leningrad region, Lomonosovskiy district, Koporye. The project supposes the construction of a territorial complex for private cottages with highly developed infrastructure like ski area, spa complex and medical rehabilitation center  to ensure the most comfortable living conditions. Additional advantages of the projects include hunting opportunities and a yacht club.


Timing: The project will be divided into three  stages of construction. The exact time will be available at the design stage.


Impact: The main infrastructure object around, which it is proposed to develop the project – is a sports entertainment centre with a ski resort. In addition to financial perspectives the aim of the project is the ability to create strategically important object for the purpose of development of the Leningrad region.


Total Project Investment:

Estimated profits and loses report is provided.


Needed Investment:

360 M Euro


Cooperation & Development Department,SRCIC