Francis Chua Was Invited to Attend The East Expo in Nanning, Received By Premier Li Qiang of The State Council
20 Sep 2023


The picture shows Chinese Premier Li Qiang (center) taking a group photo with Amb. Francis Chua (fifth from left, front row) and well-known ASEAN entrepreneurs.


Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry News: Ambassador Francis Chua, Permanent Honorary Chairman of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Founding Chairman of the Philippine International Chamber of Commerce and Founding Chairman of the Philippine Silk Road International Chamber of Commerce as well as the SRCIC Vice Chairman, at the invitation of the host, Ministry of Commerce of China, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Government of Guangxi Autonomous Region and Guangxi Council for the Promotion of International Trade, on September 15, went to Nanning, Guangxi Province to attend the 20th China-Asean Expo and China-Asean Business and Investment Summit, and as the only representative guest of the Philippines, met with Chinese Premier Li Qiang and took photos with well-known ASEAN entrepreneurs, and attended the State banquet.


The theme of this East Expo is "Building a home with harmony and Coexistence, Sharing the Future with Destiny - Promoting high-quality Development of the Belt and Road and Building an Economic Growth Center", during which the side meeting on the theme of "Institutional Opening: At "New Pattern of Regional Economic Development" will be held the first time. Representatives from ASEAN countries will have in-depth discussions and exchanges on the steady expansion of institutional openness of rules, regulations, management and standards in the region. At the same time, activities such as the "Year of Investing in China - Entering Guangxi" special event and the "Face to Face with the Business Counsellors of Chinese Missions in 10 ASEAN countries" exchange meeting will also be held to showcase China's investment opportunities, build a platform for multinational companies to understand China and invest in China, and convey to the world China's confidence and determination to unswervingly promote a high level of opening-up.


This East Expo will focus on China-Asean Free Trade Area 3.0, RCEP, the "Belt and Road" and other multilateral and bilateral cooperation mechanisms, continue to hold the third RCEP Summit Forum and other institutional activities, issued the "China-Asean Free Trade Area 3.0 Business Opportunities Outlook" blue book, guide regional enterprises to better grasp the new economic and trade rules, better share the RCEP high-quality implementation of the new dividends.


Writer/Picture: Pol Ongkinglok

Linguister/Editor: Stephanie Tan