Lu Jianzhong attends Member Representative Symposium of 2022 World Internet Conference
9 Nov 2022


On November 8th, as a prelude to the 2022 World Internet Conference (WIC) Wuzhen Summit, the WIC Member Representative Symposium was held on the venue in Zhejiang Province. This is the first symposium since the establishment of WIC International Organization, aiming to enhance exchange and cooperation between the organization and its members, and among the members themselves. Zhuang Rongwen, chairman of the WIC Organization Committee, attended and addressed the symposium. The event was moderated by WIC Secretary General Ren Xianliang. More than 30 member representatives from international organizations, leading global Internet companies, industry authorities and associations listed the symposium. Lu Jianzhong, chairman of the Board of Directors of Tang West Market Group and chairman of the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce, discussed with other representatives about the opportunities and challenges brought by the development of global internet and the prospects of WIC. 


Zhuang pointed out that as a common platform for the global Internet family, the WIC originates in China but belongs to the world. He hoped that members would contribute their suggestions to the Conference, participate in its construction and support its development. Members need to build consensus on ideas, focus on new challenges and problems in cyberspace, and align the efforts of international community to resolve differences. The deepening integration of digital economy and real economy, and coordination of global industrial and supply chains are the focuses in developing the digital economy. Members should boost scientific and technological innovation, strengthen international collaboration and global cooperation, and exchange visions and applications of Internet-related technology. Members should deepen cultural exchanges, promote cooperation in internet media, and strengthen the construction of internet culture. Members should also focus on leading global cooperation, pursuing common prosperity for all mankind, deepening common interests and promoting mutual benefit in the Internet sector.



Lu Jianzhong briefed the three platforms built by Tang West Market Group, namely the Datang Chain, the Hainan International Cultural and Art Trading Center, and the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (SRCIC). The platforms are part of the contributing efforts to the digital cultural industry, the cultural cause, and the construction of Digital China. He suggested building a multi-chain, cross-chain and internationally-oriented blockchain infrastructure for cultural and art transactions and a cultural digital Silk Road, which can be based on the Datang Chain, a national blockchain and a pilot project of copyright innovative application. The international resources and industrial advantages of SRCIC could also contribute to this cause. The proposal outlines a cultural digital platform for artworks trading and exchange among various countries. The platform integrates functions including ownership validation, authentication, pricing, sequencing and confirming. Together, they resolve the three pain points of the industry - appraisal, valuation and standardization of artworks. This endeavor will boost international cultural and art exchanges and transactions, and enhance mutual learning among civilizations along the Belt and Road.


The WIC International Organization was established on July 12 this year. It is an international, industrial and non-profit social organization set up voluntarily by enterprises, organizations, institutions and individuals committed to facilitating the global Internet development. It was registered in China and headquartered in Beijing.


Source: World Internet Conference WeChat Official Account